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The seventh sign of the 12, Libra season sits at the midpoint of the astrological year, resting in the balance between the first and second half of the zodiac. Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra is the only sign not represented by a sentient being—a strange detail, but a clear illustration of what these gentle, intellectual air signs are all about: balance. By nearly any means necessary, Libra is focused on harmonizing and beautifying their personal worldview.

Their personal ethics, whether humanitarian and progressive or self-serving and dictatorial, determines how these quietly powerful signs carve out their space in the universe. Understanding personalities feeds Libra the strategy to strike the perfect balance and orchestrate a flawless situational play. You betcha. Meh, not always. Still, the Scales are more Friday Night Lights than House of Cards ; Libras are team players to the max, despite tending to create insular cliques wherever they go. Justice-crusading aside, when Libra is working their group-think social magic, their drive is simply to avoid conflict.

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Libra loathes—no, despises —fighting, arguing, or conflict of any shade, and will literally bend over backwards to avoid unpleasantness, even if it means becoming a martyr or even a turncoat. This quality can make Libras seem indecisive, fickle, or even dishonest to some. Libra simply wants to work smarter, not harder—while making as many friends and as few enemies as possible in the process.

Thanks to Venus, these signs are suave social sharks who always know exactly what to say at the right time, whether it be an off-the-cuff joke or an apology.

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Sometimes, the Scales can seem like magnets for gossip—not about themselves, of course—Libras tend to be vessels of intel about others. Venus lends these air signs a uniquely artistic sense in everything they do, from their manner of speaking to their personal style and home decor. As an air sign, Libra possesses an unparalleled intellectualism unique from their air sign siblings, Gemini and Aquarius. Similarly, Libra excels at communicating abstract thought to others.

Lively and thoughtful conversationalists, Libras make fantastic broadcast journalists, reporters, and interviewers, as well as teachers and coaches.

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Living by the law of diplomacy, Libras will use their charm and coolheadedness to talk their way out of an argument before launching into a full-fledged quarrel. Though not as rugged as, say, Taurus, who shares Venus as a ruling planet, Libra still relishes in the outdoors, gravitating toward beautiful natural scenes and vistas for their vacations. Air signs especially struggle with anxiety and a tendency to mentally burn out if pushed beyond their bandwidth. A clear-cut balance between work and social life is necessary, as well as plenty of holidays off. What looks like play to other signs is work to Libra.

Cardinal signs are known for their energy and go-getter attitude with initiating new projects.

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These signs are some of the best leaders around, filled with a cheerleader spirit. Whatever, Libras and all Cardinal signs want to win—and for Libra, that means cooperating and compromising to win hearts, minds, and alliances.

Libra Zodiac Sign Horoscope

Self-image obsessed and sometimes vain, Libra has a tendency to become consumed with their appearance—especially when it comes to their body. Hitting the gym is therapeutic for Libra, who naturally turns their commitment to fitness into an opportunity to socialize.

These air signs are the most likely to gather their buds for a workout sesh or become a devotee of a team sport or fitness class. Libra makes new friends and contacts wherever they go, which just adds to the relaxing effects of exercise on this sign. You feel love deeply and it shapes your actions. This mantra will remind you that you live for love and that it is all that matters.

The Libra Star Map reminds you to embrace your positives and negatives. Wear it and be proud of who you are, what you have fought to become and celebrate who you will be down the line. So that we can check that you are a real person and not a crafty computer , answer this simple sum:. CALL Account Login Account Signup. As seen on As seen in Psychologies Magazine.

Mantra for Libra

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