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The central message of and the next couple of years is to specialize in your studies or work, hone your skills, and lay the groundwork for future projects.

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The year hosts a retrograde Mars period from June August 27 and a retrograde Venus period from October 5-November 16 , pointing to some slowdowns, retro callbacks, and apparent backtracking when it comes to desires, feelings, and affections. In fact, Venus is partly retrograde in your sign. Home, family, and career matters require new beginnings or slate-cleaning this year.

Balancing your personal life with professional responsibilities or outside interests is a big theme in Rewards are great if you can rise to the challenge with your duties, career, or public life.

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Take full advantage of the Jupiter-Pluto influence active until September. Connecting with people who help you further your goals and dreams is likely in The year is an interesting one for you, dear Scorpio, as Uranus opposes your sign and animates relationships, while Saturn helps stabilize your life with satisfying although sometimes demanding projects. Jupiter spends much of the year in your resources sector, and you can feel a stronger, happier relationship with your money and things.

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A business may be especially satisfying and rewarding, and perhaps quite successful, too. This is something to consider. Your romance sector is Neptune and Jupiter-ruled. Neptune is a long-term guest in your romance sector, which tends to bring a transcendent quality to your casual relationships, but it can be a confusing influence at times.

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Again this year, Neptune clashes several times with Uranus, suggesting that entertainment, pleasure, or romance can sometimes get in the way of your duties and tasks. However, it also forms a wonderful sextile to Saturn from January to September, and you can enjoy a better balance between romance and practicality, inspiration and hard work, love and business, dreams and reality. With Neptune a long-term influence here, however, you do need to watch for people who may be draining you of resources.

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In , Neptune continues to bring some level of mystery, intrigue, spirituality or confusion to your love life as it has in previous years. You may attract Neptunian romantic partners or situations into your life during this long-term trend—artistic, colorful, or elusive lovers, and somewhat unusual and colorful circumstances. Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day. Observing some of these things can help you figure out what your next steps are. Today is a great day to make a fresh start.


For certain, I can attest, I am stubborn, loyal, and a lover—all personality traits labeled Taurus. If you tell me I can't do something, I'll do it, which is a good and bad thing. If you need me to help you move your apartment, I am there at a moments notice. When I love, and no matter who it is, I love hard.

Man has free will.

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  8. And then there're the retrogrades. If you're unfamiliar with astrological lingo, you've at least heard the term retrograde.

    Or seen this meme. Mercury and Venus are the most newsworthy of the retrogrades. Matters of the heart, looks, and appearances are in flux. Right now, Venus is in retrograde. Venus rules love, appearances, beauty, gifts, creativity, and deep connections between lovers, friends, and even work.

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    Right now, in astrological sensibilities, it's wise NOT to get your hair cut, buy expensive art, breakup or start dating, change the course of life related to any passions That being said, acknowledging this information may just be enough to keep you on track. We run our own lives and do want we want, so maybe get bangs tomorrow. Either way, I'm still interested—and looking for new insights as to how horoscope angles inspire you.

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